Remi Laba co-founded Bistrot Bagatelle in 2008 with Aymeric Clemente, with the aim of fusing cultures of the south of France and New York city.We wanted to take that St. Tropez summer vibe, you know, where people book a table at a restaurant by the sea for 1.30pm with friends and family and just let lunch leisurely extend for two or three hours. Take that, and relocate it within an urban setting with that New York energy.Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a strong dining out culture; the perfect match for Bistrot Bagatelle. We are open in ten cities across four continents—opening here seemed very natural.Head chef Timothy Newton came to us from La Petite Maison, so he’s a true talent but also knows the scene here. It’s important to let any chef express themselves, so our menu features our global signature dishes and 30 per cent is adapted by Tim to suit local tastes in Dubai.We love to source ingredients locally, but it’s not easy in Dubai. It’s all about getting the organic, fresh, high end produce we’re known for without compromise.The dish to try is the Poulet Rôti Entier à la Truffe—which is a whole truffle-roasted chicken, cooked country style with potatoes and chicken jus. It’s for two to share and it’s something very special. Our tuna tartar is the best tuna tartar in the world.The restaurant was designed by architect Callin Fortis to feel like an elegant, yet comfortable Parisian apartment, with white cloth, white walls, flowers, chandeliers, candle light—the bar looks like an oversized fireplace.Art is very important in all of our restaurants and extends that Parisian apartment feel–we have worked with the Opera Gallery to select pop art and fun colorful pieces to make the space feel alive and full of energy.Bistrot Bagatelle is a multifaceted restaurant. It’s perfect for an elegant romantic date or a lively birthday meal with a group of friends. I’d say book early for quieter intimate occasions, bigger groups can feel the party vibe from say 11 onwards.Our DJs are always responsive to the mood of the night, though. If it’s chilled vibe, they’ll play music to enhance that. If we’ve got more energetic diners in, we can liven things up—classical, 80s, dance music—the DJ knows what’s right and reacts. We’re known worldwide for our late night parties.Book a month in advance to avoid disappointment, but try your luck for a last-minute table. We like to find room for people.

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